Days of our Lives Spoilers For Tuesday, May 28 DOOL

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, May 28 promise a dramatic day in Salem. Tempers flare, investigations take off, and a dark partnership takes another shocking turn. Get your popcorn ready for this can’t-miss, action-packed episode!

More bad news comes Will’s way and his emotions get the best of him. Expect to see him lash out at everyone around him and even some people not involved in his daily life. Even Hope becomes a target when Will spies her in a compromising position with Ted.

It becomes increasingly clear Will needs a cure. Sarah and Rex pour over the notes from his days with Dr. Rolf hoping and pray to find something useful. Unfortunately, without the diary, everything is simply useless.

Poor Will needs a miracle and every second count. The longer he lives with the tumor the worse he gets. The pain, the fits of rage, and the memory loss will soon become more than he can take. Meanwhile, Maggie gives into her demons and her drinking takes her to new lows.

She seeks out Kate for the showdown of the year but nothing will go Maggie’s way. Spoilers reveal she will be obviously drunk and wind up giving Kate the upper hand. Speaking of the upper hand, Xander and “Nicole” continue their devious plan and it seems to be going off without a hitch. That is until Maggie ruins everything!

She knocks at “Nicole’s” door at exactly the right thing and finds out the most shocking secret ever. It will take some serious damage control and big-time trickery to get things back on track. Expect to see “Nicole” pull out all the stops to cover up her true identity. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of our Lives Spoilers For Tuesday, May 28 DOOL


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