Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, May 1 DOOL

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 1 tease a day dramatic day you will not want to miss! Tempers flare, tricks lead to huge twists, and no good deed goes unpunished!

It’s the day of yet another mayoral debate and the who’s who of Salem show up to watch. It’s Abe vs Jack in a head to head battle. Abe has some staunch supporters but it is clear Jack is gaining speed.

Abe gets a nice surprise when Valerie shows up to stand by his side. He definitely did not expect to see her but teasers show it’s a welcome appearance. Will this be the start of something new again?

Meanwhile, Jack pulls out all the stops to keep all eyes on him, including a devious dirty deed. Jack will do whatever Jack has to do to stay in the spotlight and everyone knows it. And if they didn’t, they do now!

Expect tensions rising at the loft when Claire’s given her eviction notice. She has to move out of the apartment to make room for Tripp’s new bride. They have to make the marriage look as real as possible and can not do that with her hanging around. It would just look wrong to ICE.

Will this be the event that pushes Claire over the edge? She has reached the brink more than once the last few weeks so this could do her right in. Everyone better watch out because, if she does get going, she may not be able to stop. Lani has some drama of her own coming up.
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Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, May 1 DOOL


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