DOOL Spoilers: Haley Freaked Out – Tripp Oversteps Boundaries of Friendship

Days of Our Lives spoilers promise Tripp Dalton’s growing some fuzzy feelings for the Asian beauty, but that’s not cool. He shouldn’t back stab JJ like that. But aside from knowing he shouldn’t go behind JJ Deveraux’s back, Haley Chen clearly needs him. Tripp encourages her to get some counseling and try to get her head on straight. But Haley won’t do it because she works at the hospital and is embarrassed.

Instead, Tripp Dalton scores some “chill out” meds from a shrink at the Salem hospital by fibbing about his own anxiety. After all, Tripp also went through the same ordeal as Haley. So, he can tell a pretty compelling story to get some relaxation medication. Already Haley feels on edge about her mental health after her failed suicide attempt, so these are murky waters, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.


Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, July 19


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