Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tuesday, July 28, Days

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, July 28, 2020 reveal Ciara will confront Clyde while Will and Sonny will move forward with their adoption plans. Spoilers also indicate that Eric and Nicole will return from their honeymoon and find out disturbing news; the culprit behind the devastating bomb detonation will be revealed; and Sami will plead with Rafe to keep her secret.

Aren’t bombing, a missing groom, Vivian “dying,” and Allie’s adoption plans enough? No. It’s never enough in Salem. Speaking of Allie, she struggles with changing gears but puts her best foot forward. Sure, Rafe turned down her offer but at least her brother is right there to offer her child a good home. Will and Sonny are amazing dads, but something doesn’t feel quite right.

Allie’s intuition isn’t wrong. Rafe didn’t walk away because he wanted to, he did it because Sami all but made him. Allie knew her mom would meddle and she was right. Is Rafe having second thoughts, though? Spoilers show Sami will soon be begging her ex to keep her manipulations under wraps.

All the while, Sonny and Will are on cloud nine. They finally have the opportunity to add the pitter-patter of brand new feet into their family. The couple is not taking this for granted. Things couldn’t be more perfect — at least for now. Ciara is on the hunt for the bomber and it looks like she’s not convinced it was Claire. She visits down Clyde and has it out with him too.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tuesday, July 28, Days


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