Days of Our Lives Spoilers Gabi kills Julie ?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Gabi kills Julie ? Victor is furious with Chad for betraying Sonny. Chad has been staying at the mansion since he left Abby months ago. Victor will put a stop to that and throw Chad out and fire him for using Dimera to get even with Stefan. Of course, Chad has also put the company in jeopardy as well which makes matters worse. Will Gabi be there to offer comfort and a place to stay?

Julie has found Charlotte paternity test results, and there is no way Gabi is going to let her get out the door with them. Gabi and Julie will fight over the paper and Julie will take a tumble down the stairs. Does Gabi push her to keep her quiet or does Julie fall in a struggle?

Either way, Julie will end up in the hospital with her life on the line. Will Gabi make another attempt to get rid of her if she survives the fall? Kayla has caught Abby trying to get into her computer. Kayla questioned if she was talking to Gabby. Abby will likely tell Kayla that she is faking being Gabby to be close to her daughter and tell her how Gabi has been drugging her.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Gabi kills Julie

Will Abby also tell Kayla about Kate’s failed attempt to drug her the night Chad kidnapped her? Abby confirm Kayla’s suspicion that Gabi was using the medication she prescribed to drug her? Will Kayla join Abby and Julie to prove that Gabi is as evil as Abby has been claiming?
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Gabi kills Julie ?

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