Days of Our Lives Spoilers Revealed the shocking fate of Jordan’s son

Days of Our Lives Spoilers As we all know, Jordan was taken to Bayview to get the help he needed, but it turned out she needed a little extra help from her ex. Jordan will convene Rafe Hernandez for an important conversation and hope he can make a big favor for her.

Jordan told Rafe that she had a child and expected him to follow his son. Rafe accepted a request and flew to California to take care of the child. A big question is raised. Who is the father of the child? At first fans hope that person is Rafe.

But it seems that this is not true. If you look at the timeline from when Rafe and Jordan fall in love and if they have a common child then that child must have become a teenager now. But the child rave brought was a newborn baby. So it is certainly not his son.

We don’t know how Jordan has lived since she left Salem to live in New York City after an invitation to do a good job there. Who did you have children with? And why is that child in California instead of New York? Fans know that she has lived in many places and has many different aliases.

She and Ben have a bad past with the evil stepfather Clyde. That’s all we know about her. Ted Laurent and Diana Cooper have ties that bind them and he has received an explosion from the past when he found Diana Cooper at Salem PD. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Revealed the shocking fate of Jordan’s son



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