Days of our Lives Spoilers Wed, June 26 : Claire confessed to her father

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, June 26 promise a day of muddy waters, damage control, and huge trouble for some fan favorite Salemites. Get ready for an action-packed day you will not want to miss! Kate’s snooping and eavesdropping catch up with her fast and she finds herself in big-time trouble.

This is quite the turn of events for the fabulous schemer. She’s used to being the one on top, not the one fighting to keep herself afloat! Will she find a way out of this mess? Surely, someone like Kate can deal with anything that comes her way, right? Maybe not this time. She messed with the wrong people and she is going to pay!

Kristen is also in hot water. She rubs Stefan the wrong way and nearly blows “Nicole’s” chances of making it big at DiMera. Thankfully, Abe comes to her rescue. Watch for him to diffuse the situation and stand up for his friend. He has Stefan’s ear and uses it to Nicole’s full advantage.

Spoilers tease Eli’s in for quite a day when Lani comes crawling back. Mourning the loss of a child is rough and she absolutely went too far. She’s still very much in love with her boyfriend and fellow cop and realizes the errors of her ways. However, is he willing to forgive? Lani better hope so because things did not end well. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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Days of our Lives Spoilers Wed, June 26 : Claire confessed to her father


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