General Hospital Spoilers 1-29-2019

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, January 29 reveal a day of planning and plotting in Port Charles. You won’t want to miss a moment of this edge-of-your-seat episode. Jason thought he finally had it all after more than six years of having nothing.

He and Sam seemed happier than ever, but this time she went to a meeting and everything changed. Or has it? At least Sam returned soon after leaving, but she announced that it’s over before it already began again.

Spoilers say that Sam has a plan and we sure do hope so or this was a lot of build up for a big ol’ letdown. Sam tells Jason she has to beat Shiloh at his own gain. Does she plan to romance him and make it seem as if she’s not attached? Watch the video for more !!! 

General Hospital Spoilers 1-29-2019


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