General Hospital Spoilers 1-31-2019

Joss even McCoy and Oscar Garen’s dipped have their own convo at the pub where he feels happy when his parents spent more time together. Joss has a comprehensive look because she remembers her Minnie Carly attitude to Julian. A better meal?

Then we take everything to the Metro Court where drew Billy Miller asks Kim tomorrow bran to dinner in Lucas Ryan Karns laments part of their life with Brad. Do they get at least better food than Charlie’s buttered toast? The vandals of General Hospital on Thursday January 31st revealed a secret and unexpected day throughout Charles Harbour.

You have won and want to miss the moment of this episode. Keep up with Dr. Collins we have heard from Kevin John Lindstrom for a long time. In fact, it’s easy to forget that even existed there in Ferncliff while a man who looked like he was walking around town calling himself Kevin.

General Hospital Spoilers 1-30-2019


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