General Hospital Spoilers on Monday, February 25

Anna devane will have a serious boom. With tears in her eyes, she would call Dr. Arthur Cabot the son of a bitch and rush towards him. This is definitely related to the memory manipulation that Dr. Cabot mentioned. Anna assured him that she had never participated in his research, but he quickly pointed out that she simply did not remember to do it.

Vandals General Hospital’s suggested that Peter August was actually the son of Alex Devane Merrick, not Anna. Anna will find Peter born as a memory planted on Monday? GH will take a little longer to drop that bomb?

Vandals of General Hospital GH on Monday, February 25, teasing that Franco Baldwin will be fed up with Jordan Ashford’s plan. It was bad enough that Franco admitted to killing Kiki Jerome and other victims in court. Now Jordan wants Franco to be proud of it in an all interview.

Franco will be increasingly agitated when Jordan asserts this will work. She will think that is the only way to defeat the real killer and cause some mistakes. The Vandals of the General Hospital said that Franco would swear to call Elizabeth Webber and tell her the truth. It was brutal when he deceived her like this, especially when she had enough faith to marry him.

However, it seems that Jordan will talk to Franco and keep him committed to their plans. Meanwhile, Liz will need Dr. Terry Randolph for help. She will emphasize that something is good and hopefully Terry can get the answer.

In Ferncliff basement, Lauren Weber will knock on the door and call anyone to hear her. continue reading on the next page —>

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General Hospital Spoilers on Monday, February 25

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