General Hospital Spoilers on Friday, February 22 |GH Spoilers

Right now Carly has a secret of his own. Will she drop the baby bomb on JA sir wait until later? Either way, it will come as a real shock! Next, Harmony will come from Beecher’s corners to give a warning to Shiloh Archer. She may have learned some new information that could jeopardize the secrets of Shiloh.

Jason Morgan will give a warning to Sam McCall on Thursday. He will emphasize that Shiloh is even more threat than they think, so he will worry about this trip that she has planned with him. Sam will think she can handle it herself, but you can bet that this will cause trouble.

Vandals General Hospital on Friday, February 22, teasing that Ryan Chamberlain will have a shocking move. He will make Ava Jerome surprised to turn on the question, so she will have to answer him. Ava may say yes or at least start to move in that direction. She believes Dr Kevin Collins, is her anchor, so she will soon build a life with him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Webber will feel like the life she intends with Franco Baldwin has faded. Liz was devastated by Franco’s guilty plea, but part of her would doubt something. When Cameron Webber William Lipton realized bliss still suspected of Franco sin, he would think she was completely insane.

Liz may have wondered after a while. The General Hospital vandals say that she will chat with an equally confused Drew Cain. He will comfort Lisp and agree that all are weird. However, Drew and Liz could prove that Franco was innocent. He admits the murders in court, so they certainly also doubt their beliefs about him.

Even Lulu Falconerİ also feels like something strange is happening, so she will continue to think about the situation on Thursday. As an investigative journalist, Lulu is always trying to get into the heart of the story. Perhaps she will be determined to find out what Franco’s true motive is to admit guilt. continue reading on the next page —>

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General Hospital Spoilers on Friday, February 22 |GH Spoilers

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