General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 21

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday

Julian Jerome will argue that Ava Jerome felt disloyal. Because Ava believed that Franco was innocent, perhaps Julian would consider it a betrayal of Kiki Jerome. He could call Ava out, but she would insist that she could barely continue. The last thing Ava needs is someone to tell her what to believe or how to handle all this.

At Ferncliff, Ryan Chamberlain will take his detainees somewhere away from the staff. He will beat  Laura Webber and Dr. Kevin Collins in a secret area, which they certainly won. Laura will growl that Ryan is a monster, but he won the attention of what she thought. He considered himself a great mastermind, so he would walk out with his head held high.

General Hospital (GH) on Thursday, February 21, teasing that Cameron Webber will have a big explosion. He will attack Elizabeth Webber for something he considers important life and death, so this certainly has a relationship with Franco Baldwin. Cam can argue that Liz is too confident and makes their family in danger.

However, Elizabeth will insist that Franco burst innocent. She will feel confident that the truth will eventually appear, so she will be devastated when Franco pleaded guilty at Tuesday’s trial. He will only participate in Jordan Ashford’s stealthy plan, but poor Liz will be in the dark all over. General Hospital vandals say that some serious Friday Friz movies are coming soon.

Ending with Nina Reeves, she will seek help in a project while Valentin Cassadine warns her partner in crime. GH fans know Sasha Gilmore recently stood up to Valentin. She thinks she the scenes now, but the lenten can remind her that he is a strong man. continue reading on the next page —>

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General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 21

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