General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 21

General Hospital said valentin would reject Sasha, disapproving of his upcoming wedding. He will point out that Sasha tried to talk to Nina about marrying him, so obviously he won the joy of that. However, it was finally successful because Nina agreed to knot.

Velentin could remind Sasha that if she destroyed his relationship, she would be of no use to him. That could make Sasha fall into a very dangerous situation, so it would be best if she followed what she said. At GH, Peter August and Maxie Jones will wait for DNA test results. Peter will note that soon they will find out if Sascha is really Nina’s daughter.

Unfortunately, it appears the whole plan could be a bust. Vandals General Hospital suggests that Peter and Maxie have won what they expected. Results may not conclude or even a match! After all, a true DNA test was never done. No one can confirm that Sasha is Nasha’s real daughter, or at least part of the family. It will be interesting to see if the result is only in that direction.

Meanwhile, Julian Jerome will argue that Ava Jerome is disloyal. Because Ava believed that Franco was innocent, perhaps Julian would consider it a betrayal of Kiki Jerome. He could call Ava out, but she would insist that she could barely continue. The last thing Ava needs is someone to tell her what to believe or how to handle all this.

At Ferncliff, Ryan Chamberlain will take his detainees somewhere away from the staff. He will beat Laura Webber and Dr. Kevin Collins in a secret area, which they certainly won. Laura will growl that Ryan is a monster, but he won the attention of what she thought. He considered himself a great mastermind, so he would walk out with his head held high.


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General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 21

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