Genenral Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks June 5 – 16, 2023

General Hospital next two-week spoilers confirm Spencer Cassadine makes a sneaky move behind Trina Robinson‘s back in the two weeks of June 5-16, 2023. Also, a couple takes a huge step forward, and a legacy character faces a new challenge on GH. Take a look at the next two weeks with all-new spoilers for the ABC sudser.

Next week, on General Hospital, Spencer Cassadine makes a painful realization. He realizes that the evidence Victor Cassadine left him against Esme Prince is fake. Trina Robinson can tell that Spencer isn’t telling her everything. So, she pushes him and is in shock when he tells her the evidence is fabricated.

Of course, Trina won’t use fake evidence to take Esme down. However, Spencer is not above it. He promises Trina that he will destroy it and wait for another way to put Esme in prison. But General Hospital spoilers say he has no intention of doing that. Instead, he plans to hang onto it in case he needs it.

Of course, Spencer loves Trina, and the last thing he wants to do is lie to her. But he’s desperate to get custody of his baby brother Ace Cassadine. Plus, they know Esme is guilty on General Hospital.

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Genenral Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks June 5 – 16, 2023

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