General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday June 6, 2023

General Hospital spoilers for June 6, 2023, have Tracy and Brook Lynn sparring. General Hospital spoilers reveal words of caution, pleas for help, big decisions, and so much more. You won’t want a miss a moment of this emotional new episode.

Brook Lynn finds herself between a rock and a hard place with her granny. Tracy wants as much information as she can get about what’s been going on at Deception, but Brook Lynn is not comfortable spying. To that end, Tracy warns Brook Lynn that having Chase back in her life might not last forever.

Brook Lynn might be happy now, but if BLQ doesn’t cooperate, all that could change soon. Meanwhile, Maxie is shocked when she looks over some Deception records. She can’t even believe what she is seeing. It must be something good because Lucy is going to sing her praises.

Drew remains as desperate as ever to bring down Ned for reporting his crime to the SEC, even though Ned didn’t do it. It doesn’t matter that he is guilty. He is not going to go to jail for a crime he did commit. To that end, Drew goes to Curtis to see if he has any ideas. He tells Curtis that giving the feds evidence on Sonny is not an option, so Curtis is willing to give his friend some advice on his next step.

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General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday June 6, 2023

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