General Hospital Spoilers Friday June 2, 2023

General Hospital spoilers for June 2, 2023, have Michael spilling some tea to Carly. General Hospital spoilers reveal big confessions, major confrontations, shocking revelations, and so much more.

Carly told Michael and Josslyn that she would absolutely not give evidence to the feds against Sonny just to save herself, but Josslyn has been persistent about it so it looks like Michael decides to give it the old college try once again.

GH spoilers say he makes Carly an offer. Could it be the video of the Pikeman shipment that he told Willow he deleted? He knows that Carly can’t bring herself to turn on Sonny personally, but Michael hopes she will approve of her baby boy doing the job for her.

Meanwhile, Ned still finds himself having to defend his own honor against family members who really believe he tipped off the SEC to Drew and Carly’s insider trading mess. One of those family members includes his wife, who is still torn between her loyalty to her own spouse and her loyalty to her BFF Carly.

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General Hospital Spoilers Friday June 2, 2023

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