General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks December 26 – 30 Ubdate

General Hospital next week’s spoilers find Esme Prince hatching a risky new plan to escape Wyndemere in the week of December 26-30, 2022. Also, someone gets in over his head while another makes a confession on GH.

Take a look into next week with the latest spoilers for the ABC sudser. On General Hospital next week, Esme Prince puts a plan in place. First, she tries to play Elizabeth Webber. Then, Esme makes a risky move.

Perhaps, her plan will jeopardize her unborn baby. Of course, Esme doesn’t want to hurt “Ace.” She is showing her maternal side and genuinely cares about her child. But she is determined to get them both off Spoon Island and away from Nikolas Cassadine.

And she might have found a way to escape. Elsewhere, Victor Cassadine warns his nephew, Nik. Then, Esme’s mother, Heather Webber, gets interesting news. Plus, Ava Jerome goes after what she wants, promise General Hospital spoilers.

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General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks December 26 – 30 Ubdate

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