General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks February 19-23, 2024

General Hospital Spoilers For the week of February 19 – February 23 on GH, spoilers tease characters in distress, in disagreements, and so much more. This will be a week you won’t want to miss!

Nina Reeves’s primary focus is coming back from rock bottom. Admittedly, her healing process includes a bit of revenge. This time, her methods mean she turns to her ride or die, Valentin. The two don’t judge each other and they go to bat for each other even when it involves an unethical or illegal activity. Look for Valentin to counsel his friend — does he advise her on the next steps of conquering all enemies in one fell swoop? It could happen.

Nina crosses paths with her most bitter of enemies, Drew and Carly. Surprisingly, during this interaction, she makes a revelation. Is she about to drop a mea culpa on them? Or drop something much more devastating and damaging? Speaking of Carly and Drew, they’re not having the best week. Unsurprisingly, they find themselves at odds with each other. Presumably, this is about Drew’s revenge fantasies featuring Nina.

Look for Curtis to be a source of comfort for his daughter. Trina’s clearly struggling in the wake of Spencer’s disappearance. She must feel robbed and cheated over the future she thought she was going to have with her boyfriend. Hopefully, Curtis can come up with the perfect words to help her banish dark thoughts and depressive feelings.

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General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks February 19-23, 2024

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