Best Things You Didn’t Know about Win The Wilderness

Competition shows will never get old, and that’s largely because production companies keep finding new things for people to compete over. The 2020 series, Win the Wilderness, was a great example of that. During the show, six British couples went through a series of challenges in hopes of winning a large homestead in Alaska.

Instead of a traditional panel of judges, the contestants were tasked with impressing Duane Ose and his wife, Rena, who had owned the Alaskan homestead since the 1980s. Although the premise of the show may seem a little strange to say the least, it quickly became a hit in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Here are Best things you didn’t know about Win the Wilderness.

The Series Also Airs On The BBC

American watchers know about Win the Wilderness as a Netflix arrangement, however that isn’t the solitary stage it airs on. In the United Kingdom, the show airs on BBC Two and is named Win the Wilderness: Alaska. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it turned out to be progressively famous for shows to be divided among nations.

There Probably Won’t Be A Season Two

Since season one finished, there have been loads of watchers who have been expecting a subsequent season. Right now, there hasn’t been an authority declaration in regards to a second period of the show. However it appears to be far-fetched that it’ll return. All things considered, they would need to track down another contest and another prize which might be more difficulty than it’s worth given the issues they had with the prize after season one.

Duane Ose Has A Bullet In His Head

Fanatics of Win the Wilderness have without a doubt seen that Duane Ose sports an eye fix over his left eye. However the explanation for it was never referenced in the arrangement. As indicated by The Indie Projects, “Duane was taken shots at short proximity by his ex in the eye, and the projectile is as yet in his mind.”

Rena Ose Passed Away

Not long after the Win the Wilderness broadcasted, Rena Ose died at 88-years of age after difficulties from a heart strategy. Per Rena’s desires, she didn’t have any memorial service administrations. Rena’s passing may have been what started Duane to need to keep Ose Mountain.

All Of The Couples Had To Be Issued A United States Visa

There are loads of individuals who may have been interested regarding why a show set in Alaska just cast hopefuls from England. The appropriate response is in reality beautiful straightforward, Win the Wilderness was made by a British creation organization. Subsequently, the entirety of the challengers must be given a Visa with the goal that they could film in the United States.


Best Things You Didn’t Know about Win The Wilderness

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