The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For April 20– May 1, 2020

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers next two weeks say Katie Logan questions whether she can trust Bill. The answer is no and Katie shouldn’t have trusted him before the video played either. Time and again, Bill Spencer’s chosen to creep around with her big sister and betray her trust. Is Katie Logan finally done with it? Soon, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Katie Logan sits down with Bill to talk things through. Remember, Bill hasn’t remarried Katie despite them reuniting.

So, is that a red flag Bill isn’t fully committed to Katie Logan? Will Katie finally push him out of her life for his ongoing cheating? In surprise Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Dollar Bill and Quinn Fuller, agree on something. They think Wyatt Spencer should stay with Sally until she kicks the bucket – which everyone thinks happens soon. Of course, there’s no bucket to kick, and it’s a scam.

Bold and the Beautiful fans are tired of Felony Flo Fulton’s demeanor towards Sally. All things considered, until Flo looked at those records, she genuine idea Sally was kicking the bucket, yet at the same time abused her. Along these lines, watch for more awfulness. In addition, Katie Logan likewise reveals to Wyatt he needs to support Sally. Strong and the Beautiful spoilers demonstrate Brooke Logan accept Ridge Forrester’s all hers by and by.

Be that as it may, notice when Brooke was discussing them moving beyond this, Ridge didn’t have anything positive to state. He simply let her blather and accept. In any case, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers uncover Ridge’s psyche is on Shauna Fulton. It’s far fetched that he’ll let Shauna go when Brooke’s demonstrated him too often she can’t be trusted. Thus, watch as Brooke’s sucker punched when Ridge doesn’t default back to her.


The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For April 20– May 1, 2020

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