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 Days of Our Lives Chad is devastated by Abigail's change again

Brady’s secret shocked Eric Brady. Wait until he hears Nicole’s secret. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that when Eric finds her he will discover she married Xander. He will certainly be shocked by this development. She had no choice but to marry him. The last thing she wants is to be his wife.

Eric wants to be with Nicole. Eric and Nicole Walker are still very much in love. The couple decides there is only one thing they can do if they want to be together. Days of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that Nicole and Eric prepare to take drastic measures to ensure that they will have their happily ever after. The only way to get rid of Xander is to kill him. Fans of DOOL know that he isn’t an easy man to kill.

Eric was once a man of God. Does he really have it in him to kill another man over a woman? It seems unlikely that Eric would take such a drastic step. Nicole, on the other hand, would kill Xander if it meant keeping her daughter or Eric safe.


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Days of Our Lives October 8 – 12 | Next On DOOL

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