Days of our lives Spoilers Abby continues to drop a bomb on “Cin”

Days of our lives Spoilers Abby continues to drop a bomb on “Cin” reveal a day of shocking realizations and horrifying revelations for your Salem favorites. Everyone piling on Ben may have finally taken a toll on his new relationship with Ciara. You’re not going to want to miss a moment of this emotional episode!

Ciara has been getting it from all sides about allowing someone like Ben into her life and into her heart… and it’s starting to get to her. She questions her relationship with Ben and whether she should ignore what her heart says and start listening to what her brain says.

After all, it’s people she loves and respects who feel this way could everyone really be wrong about him? In the meantime, Hope refuses to take any chances on whether her words about Ben are getting through to Ciara so she takes matters into her own hands.

Hope pressures Stefan to turn on Ben. She figures that if she can make that happen, she stands a better chance of getting the guy away from her daughter finally! Jack has been dealing with a whole lot since his return from the dead.

What with all of these family members pressuring him to remember how much he loves them and they need him. Now he runs into Kayla, his sister-in-law, and discovers a dark moment from his past that will have him questioning if he even wants to remember the man he used to be.

Abby continues to drop a bomb on “Cin”

The man who helped return Jack from the dead is having his own issues with family. Xander tries to get back in Victor’s good graces with a valuable gift. continue reading on the next page —>


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Days of our lives Spoilers Abby continues to drop a bomb on “Cin”

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