Days of our Lives Spoilers For Wednesday, May 29 DOOL

Can they make it to the border? If so, what will they do if (or when) they get across? They have a long, exhausting road ahead the certainly will not end the way they hope. Life on the run is definitely a lot harder than they think and they just may learn that the hard way.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben Weston Suspects Claire Brady

The jig is about up for Claire Brady. DOOL spoilers recall she was caught red-handed with the now infamous lighter about to set yet another fire. So, now super sleuth Ben Weston believes his girlfriend’s niece is the one responsible for nearly killing her almost a year ago.

Additionally, he has been the target of the Salem Police Department’s constant harassment. They’re hell-bent to pin the arson on him. So, now he has strong suspicions that could vindicate him. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ben Weston will share his suspicions with Ciara Brady.

She has no doubts that he’s innocent of setting the blaze. She’s probably the only one in Salem that fully buys his innocence. However, she does find it hard to swallow that her one-time bestie and niece attempted to end her life. So, the lovebirds set off to find proof Claire is the culprit.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC.


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Days of our Lives Spoilers For Wednesday, May 29 DOOL


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