Days of Our Lives Spoilers Wednesday Jan. 2

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Wednesday Jan. 2 say that fan-favorite character Jack Deveraux returned to Salem during the New Year’s celebration. How shocking and dramatic did you find his return? Do you feel like you are going to love or hate this new storyline? Make sure to grade Jack coming back in the poll below!

As Days of Our Lives fans know, Jack Deveraux is back in Salem. It’s been one of those storylines and character entrances that fans have been waiting for since the news that Matthew Ashford was heading back to DOOL broke. Finally, fans are slowly finding out why Jack was brought back from the dead and how his resurrection is going to affect his family and loved ones.

Jack Deveraux came back with none other than Eve Donovan on his arm. While fans may have questioned why Jack would be with Eve, things slowly fell into place when he revealed that he has no memories. He doesn’t remember any of the people in the New Year’s party.

Of course, this is heartbreaking for his longtime love Jennifer Horton. Both Jen and JJ Deveraux looked heartbroken as they learned that Jack was back, but without his memories. What will this mean for the Deveraux family in the future?

As previous Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed, Eve Donovan made sure to let Jen know that she was going to get payback. Before Eve departed town a few weeks before New Year’s, she told Jen that she would get revenge, one way or another. It seems that Eve is keeping that promise. Turns out, she’s working with Xander Kiriakis!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Wednesday Jan. 2

There’s no telling what those two will get up to in their spare time. While Jack’s return is still in the beginning stages, and while we’re sure this story will continue to develop, it’s pretty clear that Eve is using Jack for her own purpose. All Eve wants is to hurt Jen. What better way to accomplish this than by parading around with the love of Jen’s life? continue reading on the next page —>

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Wednesday Jan. 2

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