General Hospital Spoilers Friday, February 29

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, February 29

Franco will realize Ryan is a killer, so he will have to think fast. He will win the upper hand and let Ryan be locked in Ferncliff’s  room. Franco will bleed and hope he can come to list before it’s too late.

Finally, Lulu Falconeri will work with Maxie Jones. Maxie will provide a sound board when Lulu Ponder’s about that strange interview. She won because she thought Franco’s plan caused her to bleed in a seemingly legal elevator.

General Hospital on Friday, February 29

Teased that Elizabeth Webber would still be torn. During a conversation with Drew Cain, Liz will admit she waits for a mistake to appear in Franco Baldwin’s interview. She suggested that she thought he’d confessed some reasons for his confession.

Ever since that happened, Liz would wonder if her faith in Franco was misplaced. She will wonder how she never listens when people say they don’t trust Franco. Liz would worry that she should not leave Franco in her heart, but Drew would understand why she was standing beside him.

After they looked at the transcript of the Franco interview, Liz would agree that something was out of here. She will have an incredible time that Franco can mean what he said about Kiki Jerome. Drew will also absorb the untrue story Franco told them when they were young. Franco tried to save Drew, not to kill him. They will discuss if Franco may try to send the message.

Next, Scott Baldwin will fight to bite Franco’s claims. He insisted Franco could not kill Kiki, but Ava Jerome would note that Franco himself said that Kiki was too beautiful. Scott also wanted to warn Nava about her new engagement ceremony. He will feel like she will end up hurting if she is attached to Dr. Kevin Collin’s aka Ryan Chamberlain.

Meanwhile, Cameron Webber will be angry about Franco’s terrible acts and comments. He will be happy when Franco continues to be the killer, even if his mother is still denied. Josslyn Jacks and Oscar Nero will eventually talk to Cam about their Niagara Falls plan. GH vandals say the Joss will take money from an adventure fund her father set up. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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General Hospital Spoilers Friday, February 29

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