General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 28

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 28

Ava Jerome will face a person who agrees with another marriage. Scott Baldwin will be the next to war Ava about the mistake she has made. He will wonder when Kevin Kevin will kick over on the sidewalk as he did Laura Webber. Scott won and wanted Ava to have a broken heart, but she saw Kevin Kevin as her lifeline.She will refuse to slow down or step back in any way.

That’s good news for Ryan and bad news for Ava! The Vandals of the General Hospital say that she will sink deeper and deeper into Ryan’s dark web, so watch some sinister twists.

Vandals General Hospital on Thursday, February 28th T’s dot Lulu Falconeri will need some help from Maxie Jones. Despite persuasive statements by Franco Baldwin in his interview, Lulu feels like something leaves. She will continue to ponder everything and eventually reach an amazing conclusion.

In the fourth episode GH, Lulu will note that she missed a large part of these murders. She can dig around her laptop and discover the difference again. Lulu will remember that Dr. Kevin Collins or Ryan Chamberlain has nine victims on his list and her research only shows seven? That seems like a great ability.

Even it Lulu’s discovery, regarding recent murders, it would be beneficial for her to seek the answer. At Ferncliff, an angry Ryan will be angry with Franco for lying. He will insist that the truth must be spoken, so it seems that Franco will crack under pressure.

Franco believes he can trust Kevin Kevin, so he will admit the situation will kill him. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, February 28

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