General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks, March 6 – 17, 2023

General Hospital Next two-week spoilers find Sonny Corinthos in serious danger in the two weeks of March 6-17, 2023. Also, a villain gets shocking info, and a fan-fave faces the aftermath of her actions on GH. Take a look into the next two weeks with the latest spoilers for the ABC sudser.

The week after next on General Hospital, Sonny Corinthos ends up in danger. Most likely, the threat comes from his deal with Pikeman Security. Later, he is impressed by Dex Heller.

So, Dex may save Sonny’s life and gain more of his trust. Dex feels Sonny is shutting him out. So, his actions may soon get him closer to the mob boss. Also, Sonny finds himself in a familiar place with Carly Corinthos Spencer.

Then, Carly tries to help someone, promise General Hospital spoilers. Later, Josslyn Jacks confronts her man about Sonny. Then, Joss opens up to her grandmother, Bobbie Spencer.

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General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks, March 6 – 17, 2023

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